It is very important when installing a roof or fence to make accurate measurements, which will provide the necessary data for the drawing and help to calculate the required amount of materials for the work. Thanks to the correct measurements, you will avoid unnecessary costs for materials.
Our specialist will help to make measurements and necessary calculations. This will allow you to accurately determine the required amount of materials and components for your project.


After taking the measurements, we make a drawing using a specialized program, where we can see exactly how much material is needed to manufacture the order. You can also come with your drawing and we will make a calculation based on it. After carrying out the calculation, we will provide you with data on the required amount of materials, components and related goods for your object, where we will indicate the exact price for each item and the total amount for all materials.


After calculating and agreeing on the price, we start making the order in our own production. Our enterprise has the most modern equipment and uses only high-quality raw materials. All products are certified, ecological and undergo quality control that meets the requirements of ISO 9001. After the order is fulfilled, we notify you of the completion of the work and send the materials to your address.


The PROFI-M company also offers qualified and high-quality installation services at your facility. For this, we send an experienced team to you, which carries out all the necessary operations. We control the entire stage of work from the very beginning to completion. The deadline and price of installation depends on the volume of work and is discussed with the manager. After completion, you accept the work and enjoy the result.