Plasterboard Accessories

Plasteboard accessories  from PROFI-M

Plasteboard accessories include various hangers, connectors, corners, rods and dowels. Some of them can be replaced (especially if you need a small amount), and without some it is impossible to make even a simple frame for walls or ceilings.

In order to firmly join guides and resistant profiles, auxiliary elements are needed.

For these purposes, a connecting mount is used, which has perpendicular directions to each other. The longitudinal connector is used to lengthen profiles. These elements are necessary when creating false ceilings and other structures.

A special place in the installation of drywall structures is occupied by a “crab” – a connecting element made of galvanized metal, having a cruciform shape with bent quotation marks that allow you to fix the part on the profile.

Also, a direct suspension is used to connect drywall with ceiling sheathing. It is a metal plate with special cuts and perforations. One side of the part is attached to the ceiling, the other fixes the profile at a certain height.

For additional fixing of metal profiles and components, screws and dowel-nails are used.

Calculation of the required number of components for drywall. For example, screws for fastening one sheet of drywall in increments of 250-300 mm require at least 25-30 pieces. The number of guide profiles can be calculated depending on the length of the walls and ceiling. Specifically, they determine all the characteristics of the frame. The rack profile is installed with the calculation of at least three pieces under one sheet, and it is best to mount four racks. To install them, you need to allocate at least four direct suspensions. As for other types of component parts, you can create an approximate frame diagram, according to which you can calculate how many crabs, anchor hangers, and two-level connectors need to be purchased. To calculate the required number of components for drywall, you can contact the PROFI-M team, and we will be happy to help you determine the required amount of materials for your facility.

The PROFI-M company is engaged in the production and sale of components for drywall throughout Ukraine. On our website you can find the necessary materials and related products related to drywall. You can also read a detailed description and useful information about the products, which will help you make the right choice. PROFI-M is an ideal option where you can purchase any drywall accessories! Because all our products are certified and made from quality raw materials on modern equipment. You can be sure of the impeccability of the components, because PROFI-M is a brand that appreciates quality.

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