Materials for the roof

roofing materials

Metal roof tile

Due to the low price and variety of shapes and colors, metal tiles are the most popular material for arranging the roof.

The main advantages of metal tiles:

  • resistance to any weather conditions;
  • attractive appearance;
  • lightness;
  • fire resistance;
  • durability.

Profile sheets

Profile sheets is a profiled cold-rolled steel sheet. Also, a protective layer of polymer or paint coating is applied to its surface.

Professional flooring has many advantages:

  • durability;
  • practicality;
  • fire resistance;
  • strength;
  • aesthetics

Gutter system

gutter system BRYZA

The BRYZA drainage system is a Polish brand that has been on the Ukrainian market since 2006. For many years in a row, BRYZA has held a leading position in the market of gutter systems thanks to its excellent price-quality ratio and assortment.

Advantages of the BRYZA waterproof system:

  • BRYZA is a complete gutter system;
  • certified product;
  • a large palette of colors;
  • high resistance to external influences;
  • aesthetic appearance.

related goods

plasterboard accessories

PROFI-M also produces the necessary related products and components for corrugated flooring.

Related products for corrugated board:

  • roof valley;
  • ridge strip;
  • wall-mounted;
  • windy;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • snow cutters;
  • snow holders;
  • waterproofing tapes and films

Roofing materials from PROFI-M

A large number of different roofing materials are represented on the modern building materials market of Ukraine. However, metal tiles and corrugated board are currently the best options for erecting a roof. These metal materials are manufactured by the Profi-M company, because they have a large number of advantages over non-metal roofing options.

Metal tiles and corrugated board are actively used to create high-quality and durable roofing for industrial buildings, low-rise buildings, commercial buildings, various warehouses and shopping centers.
Also, metal roofing materials are often used to erect visors and canopies.

The main advantages of using modern metal roofing materials from PROFI-M are:

  • significant service life of the material up to 50 years;
  • exclusive appearance of the roof;
  • high material strength;
  • relatively low price of metal roofing.

Galvanized steel is used for the production of corrugated board and metal tiles. It has a considerable margin of durability and can easily last more than 50 years.

Due to its physical properties, galvanized steel has fairly high strength characteristics. To further increase these parameters, metal tiles and corrugated board are subjected to additional processing in the form of cold pressing or cold rolling.

A special polymer coating of metal tiles and other metal roofing gives them a stylish appearance and protects the metal base from environmental influences. A wide selection of colors allows you to choose the right option for your roof. The colors of the product correspond to the RAL color palette.

The PROFI-M company is engaged in the production and sale of roofing materials throughout Ukraine. On our website you can find the necessary materials for the roof and related goods related to the roof, a detailed description and all the necessary information about the goods. PROFI-M is an ideal option where you can buy any roofing material for the roof! All our products are certified, made from high-quality raw materials on modern equipment. You can have no doubts about the flawlessness of roofing materials, because PROFI-M is a brand that is valued for its quality.

Why should you choose PROFI-M?

The company PROFI-M is its own brand, fully certified products and more than 15 years of experience in the production of roofing materials. Contact us and get many benefits from cooperation.

  • Quality products. All products are certified, ecological and pass their own quality control.
  • Reputation. We have been on the market for 15 years and have extensive experience in the production of modern roofing materials. During this time, we have achieved an impeccable reputation and more than 500 permanent partners.
  • Assortment. PROFI-M is a manufacturing plant, and we offer a large selection of steel roofing materials.
  • The price of roofing materials is affordable. We do not have a commission for brokerage and resale! Working with us, you order roofing materials from the manufacturer.
  • Comfortable conditions. We value our customers and have thought out everything for your comfort. Our managers will advise you, help you choose materials for the roof and make the necessary calculations. Thanks to coordinated logistics, you will receive your order as quickly as possible.
  • Services. We provide additional services related to our products, namely: measurements, calculations, manufacturing and installation.

We look forward to contacting you!

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