Plasterboard profiles

Plasterboard profiles from PROFI-M

A drywall profile is an essential element in construction and renovation when you need to make changes to the design of a room. Without it, work with drywall constructions will be impossible. The profile is used as a basis, which ensures the stability and reliability of the entire structure.

For the production of this element, PROFI-M uses high quality galvanized metal. Galvanized steel is a metal with high corrosion resistance, achieved by coating the top layer with zinc. It is Zn that prevents corrosion of metal under the influence of moisture and allows the use of products in any climate, and the service life can reach 50 years.

In order to choose the right plasterboard profile for the future construction, we need to understand its types. According to the marking, there are four main types of profile: CD, UD, CW, UW. The first letter means the type of product C – rack, U – guide. The second letter indicates the scope. W – used for wall cladding, D – used when performing ceiling work. The number after the letter indicates the width of the profile in mm. For example, the drywall profile UD 27 means that it is a guide profile for ceiling work, the width of which is 27mm.

There are also several other types of profile:

  • Angle profile. It is used to reinforce corners after sheathing.
  • Beacon profile. This profile is used to level the surface with plaster.
  • Arched profile. Used to create structures of complex shape. There are two types – concave and convex.

The PROFI-M company is engaged in production and realization of a profile for gypsum cardboard across all Ukraine. On our website you can find the necessary materials and related products related to the profile. You can also read a detailed description and useful information about the products, which will help you make the right choice. PROFI-M is an ideal option where you can purchase any drywall profile! Because all our products are certified and made from quality raw materials on modern equipment. You can be sure of the impeccability of products, because PROFI-M is a brand that appreciates quality.

Why choose PROFI-M?

The PROFI-M company is its own brand, fully certified products and more than 15 years of experience in the production of drywall profiles. Contact us and get many benefits of cooperation.

  • Quality products. All products are certified, environmentally friendly and pass their own quality control.
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  • Range. PROFI-M is a manufacturing plant, and we offer a wide range of profiles.
  • The price of roofing materials is available. We have no brokerage and resale surcharge! Working with us, you order materials from the manufacturer.
  • Convenient conditions. We value our customers and have thought of everything for your comfort. Our managers will advise you, help you choose a profile for drywall, calculate the required ball of materials and recommend related products. Thanks to well-coordinated logistics, you will receive your order as quickly as possible.
  • Services. We provide additional services related to our products, namely: measurements, calculation, manufacturing and installation.

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