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End wall trim

End wall trim – this is an additional element designed to protect the roof and the space under it from strong gusts of wind, rain and snow. Also, the bar performs a decorative function and provides the roof with a finished aesthetic appearance.

End wall trim


Like additional parts, the end plate performs several functions at once. Here’s what she does:

  • Improves the aesthetics of the roof structure.
  • Hides sloppy cuts.
  • Protects the roof overhang from getting wet. Tackles and rainwater can get on the rafters from below, and the plank does not let them in.
  • Protects the roof from gusts of wind that can tear off the roofing sheets or deform them.

A wide choice of colors of snow retainers allows you to choose the right option even for roofs with non-standard colors. The colors of the product correspond to the RAL color palette.

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Additional services


Our specialist will help to make measurements and necessary calculations. This will allow you to accurately determine the right amount of materials and components for your project.


After taking measurements, we make a drawing on a specialized program, where we see exactly how much material is needed to make an order. After that, you get prices for each material.


After agreeing on the price, we begin to produce orders in our own production. We inform you about the completion of the work and send the materials to your address.


We make installation. To do this, we send an experienced team to your facility, which performs all the necessary operations. After completion, you accept the work and enjoy the result.

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